Wedding Decor 

Wedding decor is something that every wedding needs. It can be something small from candles and flowers to big displays that are something from Pinterest that make your eyes light up when you see it. There are so many wedding themes out there, that can be incorporated into your wedding decor. Some ideas can be a colour theme, such as pink so the idea of cherry blossom trees on each table, with pink table cloths. Wedding decor has changed over the years and styles have changed with it. There are so many more options to choose from, nowadays and we have so many suppliers who have come up with new ideas and are brining them to the Irish market. We here at Let’s Talk Weddings Ireland have created a list of premium suppliers who are ready to transform your room into something from a fairy-tale film. Get in touch with them today as they travel around the country and can make your day even more special. They are the best at there craft and know exactly what looks good and what doesn’t!

Our wedding decor supplier of the year 2023, was Wildflower & Wren

Check some of our premium suppliers below who will be ready to create some unique items for you straight away! Looking for something else? Use our search bar on our main page to find other fantastic suppliers that will help make your day even more special.