Dove Release

Dove releases are a symbol of love and joy. The symbolic release of snow-white Doves is becoming more and more popular in Ireland with couples wanting to represent their love for each other on their Wedding Day and the start of a magical journey together. Beautiful pure white doves are perfect to give your wedding day that extra special touch.  White Doves have been used for centuries to symbolise purity, peace, faith & love. Doves are released at Weddings because they stay faithful to each other for life and form strong family bonds.

They are very gentle and peaceful birds, highly intelligent, and very nurturing towards their young, returning home to us once released. The releasing of pure white doves is a very symbolic and romantic gesture of your lifelong commitment to each other.

We here at Let’s Talk Weddings Ireland has a supplier named Joe Doves, who travels all around the country doing dove releases for couples. Get in touch with him today and chat about the different options that Joe has to offer, when it comes to Dove Release.

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