Bridal Wear

Bridal Wear can be one of the most exciting but nerve racking part of wedding planning, when it comes to finding the perfect dress it can be a strange but exciting time.  Are you struggling to find the perfect one, well we have got you covered, whether it be simple or be something very unique we have got you covered for all budgets!

We here at Let’s Talk Weddings Ireland have the very best of Irish Bridal Wear boutiques all over the country to help you find the perfect dress for your big day! We have suppliers all over the country, who will also have the accessories to go along with your dream dress.

Whether its a vail or even some shoes they will be able to help you find all the perfect extras to go with your gown! Our suppliers are at hand to help you. Get in touch with them today to find your dream dress! Our award winning bridal wear boutique of the year 2023 was Angelo Bridal!

Check some of our premium suppliers below who will be ready to create some unique items for you straight away! Looking for something else? Use our search bar on our main page to find other fantastic suppliers that will help make your day even more special.