Trends for 2023..

1. Smaller Bouquets

This years trends are going more towards smaller bouquets with dainty blooms with colours such a lilac and lavender, compared to past years where people had massive bouquets with big white flowers and bright colours. Wedding dresses are not cheap so why not make it the centre of attention and make your bouquet an accessory.

2.  A Private Last Dance

As your wedding day is such a busy day, its important to take time to yourselves and remember the day as a couple. The latest trend is that people are taking the time at the end of the night to have one final dance just alone, without family and photographers.

3. Low Key Hairstyles

The newest trend that is up and coming trend, is that people are ditching the big hairstyles with lots of curls and people are now going for a more low key style with sleek back beach wavy curls or even a straight hairstyle.

4. NonTraditional Guest Books

People are ditching the old school guest books and going more towards unique guest books, some that Ive seen have been globes and Jenga blocks. Which are great to keep around the house after the big day.

By Lydia Vaughan