Have you ever heard of a Wedding Cheese Cake?

Are you a cheese lover like me?? Well, I have the perfect thing for you for your big day!! Have you ever heard of Cheese cake?? Well now you have and you won’t want to miss out on this utterly amazing alternative to a cake if you are not a cake lover. And you know the best part? You can eat the leftovers the next day!! (If there is any)

It’s such an eye-catching centrepiece, super stylish and something to get people talking on the day.. Everyone has seen the traditional wedding cake but not many have seen a Cheese cake…

Could you imagine a cake with all your favourite cheeses such as Brie, Cheddar or blue Cheese. Could you imagine local chutneys or even honey AMAZING!! Everyone loves a good cheese board and this is a great snack for people throughout the evening too!!

Some of the best reasons to get a Cheese cake is that you can make it yourself and cut the cost if you working on a budget. Be sure to get good quality Irish cheese and use local chutneys if possible!! Trust me from a gal that loves cheese local is the best!!

Some tips :

  1. Get some extra Cheese – Trust me it will be devoured
  2. Decorate it around your wedding theme ( If you have one )
  3. Label your Cheese
  4. Select a good range of Cheese – Such as Hard and Soft Cheese
  5. Pick good condiments for your Cheese
  6. The bottom layer of the Cheese cake but be hard and be able to hold the weight

Created by Lydia Vaughan