Live Wedding Painter Marcela Buckley creates bespoke piece of art as your guests watch it unfold.

Meet Marcela Buckley, a talented artist based in Dublin, who offers couples a unique and memorable experience with her live wedding painting service.

Looking for a special addition to your wedding day? Something more than photos
and videos? Marcela Buckley can make this happen as she creates a bespoke piece
of art while you celebrate with your family and friends!

Marcela captures the magic of your big day in real-time, leaving I think you with a  stunning piece of art to cherish long after you say I Do. Marcela’s diary is already fully booked for May 2025 and has very limited availability for the summer months that follow. To ensure you don’t miss out, make sure to book in as soon as possible!



If you book in, a few weeks before your wedding you’ll have an online call with Marcela to discuss your vision for the painting, including poses, backdrops, and other details. Whether it’s your first kiss or a candid giggle with your new spouse, Marcela will beautifully capture this moment from your big day in a painting that unfolds before you and your guests’ eyes. Not only do you receive a meaningful and personal piece of art, but Marcela’s live painting also offers a unique form of entertainment for your guests as they watch the painting come together.


On the wedding day, she’ll arrive early to set up and begin working on the canvas.

During the chosen scene you picked, Marcela will work alongside your photographer to take reference photos (don’t worry, you won’t have to sit for hours to be painted, all Marcela needs is 5-10 minutes to snap some photos of you). She will spend the day
painting that moment, and reveal the result to you and your new husband/wife before finishing up for the night. After the wedding, she will add final touches to the painting to make sure no detail is missed, and then she will varnish and frame your painting before sending it to you to enjoy forever.

If you’re looking for a special wedding gift idea, this is it!

To learn more about Marcela Buckley’s live wedding painting service or explore her
portfolio, visit her website at