Unique Guest Book Ideas…

A guest book is something that has been around for years, but over time its changing and becoming more interactive and memorable, the original scrap book is slowing dying! It’s a way of getting your guest to leave messages and give their best wishes on your wedding! Many couples are opting for more fun and creative ways to get people to leave messages! In this blog post I’m going to look at some more fun and creative ways to incorporate a guest book into your special day!


One popular idea for a guest book, is a polaroid guest book. Set up a Polaroid camera and have guests snap a photo of themselves throughout the day! They can put the photo into a book along with a message .To get the best pictures, you could also add some photo booth props as this will encourage guest to get involved and even take more than one photo! You can buy a Polaroid camera for around 100 Euro online!


For a vintage twist on the guestbook tradition, consider setting up an audio guestbook with a classic phone. Guests can simply pick up the phone and leave a recorded message for the Newlyweds to listen to later. This unique and interactive guestbook idea is not only fun for guests, but it also allows you to hear the heartfelt messages from loved ones in their own voices. There is so many options out there at the moment, from a full length phone box to record your message or simply a phone on a table! Whatever your after its out there! Check out some our premium suppliers they will be able to help you Candy Lady or To Have & To Hear !


A message in a bottle guestbook is a unique and fun idea and is especially fitting for beach or waterfront weddings. Instead of signing a book, guests can write their messages on small pieces of paper and place them inside a decorative bottle. The bottle can be personalized with your names and wedding date, and can even be displayed in your home as a reminder of your special day.


Another fun guestbook idea is the Jenga guestbook. Have guests sign and write messages on wooden Jenga blocks. The Jenga guestbook also has the added benefit of being a game that you can play long after the wedding day is over. Every time you play, you can be reminded of the love and support you received on your wedding day. It’s a unique and meaningful way to incorporate your guests into your everyday life.


A record guestbook is perfect for music lovers or couples who want to add a vintage touch to their wedding. Instead of a traditional book, guests sign and write messages on vinyl records that can be displayed in your home for years to come. You can choose your favourite records or ones that have a special meaning to you and your partner, and ask guests to sign with metallic or white markers.