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Copy of CUSTOM LOVE SONG (2000 × 2000 px)

Custom Love Songs for Weddings

Jerry Miles is a world-class songwriter who collaborates with professional musicians and producers to create unique custom songs for weddings. Having studied songwriting at Berklee College of Music and written numerous songs for himself and others, Jerry brings a wealth of expertise to each composition.

A custom love song captures the essence of the couple's relationship, making it a heartfelt gift. It can be given by one newlywed to the other or by anyone else to the couple.

Alternatively, it can be written together with the couple, providing their guests with an unexpected song created exclusively for them. The studio-quality mp3 recording of the song serves as a cherished souvenir for both the couple and their guests.

When the song is played at the wedding, it often becomes the highlight of the special day. By the end of the event, the guests will know the chorus by heart, creating an unforgettable experience.

Jerry can also perform the song live at the reception or have it played over speakers. Additionally, the song can be transformed into a captivating slideshow video showcasing the couple's journey.

In addition to the mp3 recording, a custom engraved lyric plaque can be created as a tangible keepsake, preserving the special memories of the wedding.


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Custom Love Songs for Weddings 2 reviews

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2 reviews
  • Magnus Magnus

    We got a custom love song from Jerry! It was 100% professional, we absolutely love it! Thank you so much

  • Louise

    Jerry has been 10/10 to work with. Such a pleasant and professional attitude and approach to writing this song I wanted to surprise my friends with at their wedding. I used to watch a lot of the instagram videos where couples would surprise each other with a custom song. I always thought it was such a lovely thing to put into words how you feel and view the one you love. I was seriously impressed with the quality of the song after sharing some keywords about my friend and his girl that were getting married. It was fun to work with a professional songwriter and would definitely call Jerry again should I need such a gift.

    Highly recommend!

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