An Amazing Wedding in Radisson Blu Sligo


Alright, buckle up folks! In the charming town of Sligo, there lived a pair of lovebirds. These two
had been through it all and then some – life’s rollercoaster had nothing on their love story. But
hold onto your hats, because not only were they celebrating their epic love, but they also had
two adorable mini-me’s in tow!
So, the big day rolls around, and it’s like a party explosion at the bride’s place. Bridesmaids are
in full action, the fam is swapping cheers and gifts like it’s Christmas, and the vibe is electric. The
bridal crew is all set to kick off this shindig.
Amidst all the hubbub, cameras start clicking, freezing moments in time that’ll end up in the
couple’s memory lane. The bride, looking like a goddess in her gown, strikes poses with her
squad, capturing the essence of ‘ride or die’ friendships.
With the bridal gang ready to roll, they hit the road for the church, where the groom and his
party are sweating bullets with anticipation. The ceremony? Pure magic. The priest is dropping
wisdom, and the harpist’s tunes are hitting the heartstrings, turning the church into a musical
love fest.
Post-‘I do’s, the gang heads out for some Insta-worthy snaps and a round of pints. Classic Irish
move, right? The groom and his crew, now in chill mode, toast to forever, creating memories
that’ll make them smile even when they’re old and grey.
The reception at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Sligo? Absolute fire. The dance floor turns into a
scene straight out of a music video, and the cake-cutting marks the beginning of a night packed
with pure vibes.
As the night winds down, everyone showers the couple with good vibes. Radisson Blu Hotel gets
a shoutout for being the perfect backdrop for this epic celebration. And great photos The place,
the service, the attention to detail – it’s all top-notch.


Venue: Radissonsligo
Videographer: jcmediaweddingfilms
Singer: brenda_grealis_harpist_singer

Make-up: carolinewimseymakeupartist
Hair Stylist:
Decor: ailinsflowersweddings
Entertainment: dickie_donnelly_entertainment
Band: pinkchampagneband
Photographer: Theodoro Photography