5 Things NOT to do on your wedding day…

Getting married is such a huge thing, from dreaming of it from being a small child to having every exact detail nailed… Here at Let’s Talk Weddings we have some tips for things you should avoid in order not to regret them in the future… Remember to follow the not to do list also!

Don’t get Plastered drunk

 Of course, you’re going to want to enjoy a lovely glass of bubbly to celebrate finally saying I DO, but remember you don’t want to forget the big day by having one too many shots!! There is always day 2 to enjoy! Be drunk on love, not baby Guinness!!

Wear killer heels

Remember that you’ll be taking photos for a few hours and walking around and the last thing you want is your feet killing you.. As I know when my feet are sore it’s all I can think about.. So get yourself some comfy wedges or even runners!!

Spend time on your phone

Don’t be the bride or groom that is bursting to post on Instagram about your wedding, the post can wait to go and enjoy your big day because it comes and goes in a heartbeat.

Skip Meals 

The day is long so make sure you get a good breakfast into you, although the nerves will be at you make sure to try and eat something. Your body will need fuel for the dancing ahead!

Lose your husband or wife

It seems strange, but it happens most of the time. You want to be able to enjoy and remember your wedding day together after all it’s your day to share your love!

By Lydia Vaughan